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MPL-PH: Aura trips Execration to start title defense

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - One meme game, one serious game, and a late comeback. Aura is not execrated.
Aura PH started their title defense in a thrilling fashion after a 2-1 beating of Execration in the second day of the MPL-PH Season 6

In a surprising start of events, Rafflesia sacrificed himself with Diggie in helm, with 0/10/3 in the first four minutes of play but Aura leading the gold 12K to 10K.
Despite that, turrets are falling down in favor of the defending champs as Execration lose focus on the other four Aura members.
Going down 20-10 Aura was leading in 10K net worth led by yet trolling Rafflesia, but Execration capitalizing on poor plays and wiping almost every Aura member.
Aura bounced back and battled Execration in the lord's lair with Rafflesia ironically getting the lord and wiping out all five Execration members in one-by-one battles.
The two-time champs claimed the first game as they caught Execration off-guard despitye being inferior in kills 29-22.
Rafflesia established a 0/21/14 KDA in the so-called "meme game," but enough to give him the MVP nod, while Jaypee's Yi Sun-Shin registering a 7/1/10 KDA.
Execration drafted a more flexible lineup with Selena and Ling in helm while Aura interestingly get an more close-game squad of X.Borg, Thamuz, Masha, Hilda, and Hayabusa.
The second game became a more serious one for both teams with more team clash in the mid lane and both squads engaging to getting objectives.
With a slower pace, Execration leads in the ninth minute 9-6 but Aura PH led in gold count with more than 2K in net worth.
Aura bounced back to a kill deficit led by Jaypee's Hayabusa 14-13 and establishing a 3k gold lead.
But Aura went too near and almost lose their entire team in a minute thanks to Bennyqt's Chou leading the charge, but failing to capitalize fully as Aura re-spawned in time.
Execration forced a third game capitalizing on a panic-mode Aura squad thanks to a more team-oriented late game with Bennyqt getting the MVP honors with 7/0/5 KDA.
Execration fielded a balanced lineup with a double mage of Harith and Valir while Aura has a flexible quintet with Thamuz and Luo Yi as support.
Aura started strong in the first three minutes 5-1 with Greed's Selena and Kielvj's X.Borg leading the way.
It was the Aura show until the mid game with a 12-4 kill lead and four turrets to one.
Execration turned the tables and make clutch plays courtesy of Ch4knu's Atlas but enough for Aura to recover before any advancements.
EXE looks to get the lord but they were ganked by Aura who patiently wait and established four kills in just 30 seconds, getting the lord in process led by Rafflesia's Luo Yi.
The defending champs wait for no lord as they forced Ch4knu to defend only to be slain and get the loss against the defensing champs.
Aura will continue their defense against BSB tomorrow while Execration seek a bounce back against Blu Fire on the 28th.

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