Bren Esports takes MPL-PH crown after six-game affair with Omega

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - After a two-year absence in the biggest stage of competitive Mobile Legends, Bren Esports proved why they are still the strongest.

Pheww and the rest of Bren Esports ascend to the throne as MPL-PH Season 6 champions as they overcome familiar faces in Omega PH, four games to two, in the grand finals of the premier Mobile Legends: Bang Bang competition in the Philippines Sunday.

It wasn't an easy win for the former Aether Main franchise, as both them and Omega have to battle from the first draft up to the last.

Bren took a 16-2 dominant win in the first game courtesy of KarlTzy's Lancelot doing nine kills and six assists for his squad, while exposing Haze's peculiar Lunox pick and negating Toshi and Heath who combined for seven deaths.

It only took Bren 12 minutes to outclass their rivals, getting most of the buffs, as well as all three turtles available, while not letting a single turret down.

Omega returned the favor in the second game, outplaying Bren Esports in every objective while only losing Heath's Hilda twice in a 13-2 win.

KarlTzy's influence on the map was unseen as Hadjizy took most of the buffs while KurtTzy's Barats and Haze's Chang'e took care of the map control.

Seeing the Barats as an opportunity, Bren took the hero quickly into the third game's draft under Ribo, while fielding another tank in Khufra, while Omega took the much-contested Selena.

It was Bren's game for the taking as they took a 2-1 lead with Ribo's Barats contributing to 13 of 16 Bren kills in the game, while negating Haze and Hadjizy's control on the map.

The Season 1 champions outplayed their opponents in the fourth game to take a 3-1 lead after outclassing Omega in every objective available, including toppling all turrets in just 19 minutes.

Still with the Barats in Bren's hands, FlapTzy scored a 4/1/8 KDA while KarlTzy led the team with six kills and nine assists, as Hadjizy settled for just a 0/2/4 KDA.

However, Omega did not back down easily and quickly responded with a 14-1 domination of Bren in Game 5, getting Barats and Hylos along with Yi Sun-Shin, while Bren opted for a Claude core for KarlTzy.

Omega exploited KarlTzy's unfamiliarity on marksman carries as he tallied five deaths with no kills or assists, while Ribo scored the lone point for Bren with a 1/0/0 KDA of his Esmeralda.

With Barats gone in the mix due to banning, Omega opted for Roger, Esmeralda, Akai, Khaleed, and Selena, while Bren Esports fielded a quintet of Uranus, Valir, Yu Zhong, Popol and Kupa, and Harith.

It was a dominant Game 6 win for Bren, taking only 13 and a half minutes to finish the series as they outclassed Omega in the orange buff and taking two turtles, while exposing Omega's top lane.

FlapTzy's Yu Zhong took care of the scoring load with six kills and two assists in his name, as Omega's core was not enough to match KarlTzy's Harith with a 0/1/8 KDA with KurtTzy's Khaleed leading his team with 2/3/1 KDA.

It was Bren's second MPL-PH championship as they claimed the inaugural crown as Aether Main in 2018, along with two runner-up finishes in Seasons 2 and 3.

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