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Aura PH topples rivals ONIC PH, secures QF spot vs. Bren Esports

AURA Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Aura PH's road to redemption continues, now ending the road of their archrivals.

Coach Arcadia's men secures a top-eight seat in the ONE Esports MPL Invitational as they topple tormentors ONIC PH in the third day of the tournament Sunday.

However, it wasn't easy for the men in orange and black.

ONIC PH came up strong in the first game, out-farming their opponents while only losing two towers in the process.

It was the new boys Kairi and Hated who took the spotlight as Kairi's Lancelot dealt an MVP-worthy 4/0/2 output while the latter's Selena dished four kills and three assists to take Game 1, only 10 kills to five.

Aura still find themselves on the wrong end in the second game up to 23rd minute until they picked up Jay's Chou and Hated's Ling, reducing ONIC PH to just three men.

With Dlar's Uranus and Kairi's Benedetta down a minute later, Greed's Akai, Jaypee's Harith, and Killuash's Yu Zhong hunt down Iy4knu's Claude while Brody went on to destroy ONIC PH's base before Jay's Chou can make things harder.

Jaypee's 4/2/14 performance gave him the MVP nod as Aura PH forced a rubber match, 24 kills to 18.

With Aura fielding a triple assassin lineup with only Killuash's Barats as the durable one, ONIC PH found themselves winning in the early to mid game once again, thanks to Kairi's Lancelot and Hated's Kagura doing the early work.

However, ONIC PH's job of taking assassins early came at a cost as it prompts Killuash to bulk himself into an unstoppable force, letting the rest of Aura to take their objectives and bust their base wide open.

ONIC PH's durable heroes of Yu Zhong, Ruby, and Jawhead all tried to make up for Killuash's tenacity but to no avail as they lose all but Hated and Dlar in the clash while Aura only lose Jaypee.

With them outnumbering Coach Ryo's men, Aura went on to put an end in ONIC PH's hopes as they clip the remaining ONIC heroes down to take the third win, 20 to 18 with Killuash taking the MVP honors with a 3/1/8 KDA.

Aura booked themselves a much-awaited rematch against Philippine MPL champions Bren Esports on December 5.

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