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TNC takes first MPL win with rout of Nexplay Evos

TNC Pro Team

by Drew Malihan

MANILA -- The Phoenix has finally risen.

TNC Pro Team etched their first win in the MPL pro scene as they dominated Nexplay Evos in two games on the third day of the opening week of MPL Philippines Season 8.

Both teams retained their lineup from yesterday's loss against Onic and Blacklist International, with NXP still without Renejay and TNC maintaining their Season 7 starting five.

It was an equal battle between the two young teams with Nexplay going for a double assassin setup of Lancelot and Saber while TNC went for a grit and grind five with Lylia in the mid.

However, it was TNC who broke the tie and controlled the map in the mid game thanks to Light's roaming prowess with his Khufra.

Light continued to create plays with several Tyrant's Revenge - Tyrant's Rage combo together with 3MarTzy's Lapu-lapu providing space for the damage dealers of TNC en route to a 1-0 lead for the Phoenix squad.

TNC went for a Ling-Selena combo with a tank-build Martis for the second game while Nexplay Evos fielded a flexible lineup with Roger in the jungle and a surprise Nana pick.

It was not different going into the second game with both TNC and NXP exchanging blows, pokes, and kills in the early game but the orange squad controlled the map in the midgame thanks to spacing from Light and 3marTzy.

A couple or Selena arrows from P-God and 3marTzy's top lane drive put TNC ahead further as the other three deprived H2WO from getting his two buffs and Chuuu getting his.

TNC, with the luminous sanctuary lord in their side, called game as the 3mar and Light show continues and P-God getting Yawi en route to a 2-0 win, 3mar finishing with an 11.0 KDA and Kousei getting 9.0.

TNC will try to extend their streak as they will go against a familiar foe in Bren Esports on September 4 while Nexplay will square off against a red-hot ONIC team in hunt of their first win.

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