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Bren Esports arrest losing skid vs. Renejay-less NXP Evos

Bren Esports

By Drew Malihan

MANILA - Bren Esports stopped their three-match losing skid as they figured in a 2-1 nail-biter win against Nexplay Evos to end Week 4 of MPL Philippines Season 8.

It was dominance from both Bren and Nexplay, who take a game each convincingly before Bren finally ended the first of two rifts with Nexplay with a point-blank double kill from FlapTzy to give Nexplay Evos their third loss without Renejay in the main five.

Bren Esports fielded their main five while Nexplay Evos will miss the service of their star gold laner once more for the third time this season, with Hesa standing in his place.

The world champions fielded a jungle Paquito and a side lane Benedetta to go with the sustain trio of Khufra, Popol and Kupa, and Esmeralda, while Nexplay deployed their own sustain quad of Uranus, Alice, Mathilda, and Jawhead with a Lancelot core on H2WO's hands.

Bren went on to a hot start in the first six minutes with KarlTzy involved in the early six kills including five assists, keeping NXPE to their side of the map, getting their objectives in the process.

KarlTzy, with the Paquito, utilized the hero mechanics to get four turtles for a tremendous 8,000 gold advantage, choking the NXPE map even further, but H2WO stopped the bleeding with a kill on Lusty's Khufra.

With the lord in their side from KarlTzy's uncontested take, Bren attempts for a GG push but Nexplay manages to defend, getting the Tzy brothers down in the top lane near the NXPE base.

Bren managed to take the second lord and attempted another GG push in the mid lane, this time NXPE losing Hesa in the clash, opening up Bren's chance and taking the first game, 15 kills to 4, with KarlTzy's 5/1/10 KDA with 100 percent kill participation.

NXP Evos went to a magic damage-heavy lineup with Esmeralda, Natan, and Kagura to go with Hayabusa and Jawhead, while Bren went for a sustain heavy lineup with Popol and Kupa, Kaja, and Akai with the double-assassin setup of Benedetta and Lancelot in the hands of the Tzy brothers.

It was a different beginning in the second game as they get pickoffs in the early to mid-game, keeping Bren Esports's farm limited despite KarlTzy getting his signature hero.

The triple magic damage setup from Nexplay Evos made wonders up until the 10th minute with seven kills and eleven assists combined, depleting the sustains from Bren's heroes.

From there, it was all NXPE as Jeymz's Esmeralda's sustain was too much for the entire Bren squad to deplete, and with Yawi's crucial sets with the Jawhead, managed to force a third game in dominant fashion with Yawi's 1/4/10 performance.

Bren went on to their own double mage setup of Esmeralda and Chang'e to go with Lancelot, Jawhead, and  Chou, while NXPE went for a Silvanna tank with Pharsa and Alice to pair with Hayabusa and X.Borg.

The M2 champions went on to take the early game in their hands with Pheww and KarlTzy getting the significant pickoffs and four turtles in the first nine minutes, prompting to a 10 thousand gold lead entering the late game.

With the comfortable lord take by Pheww and KarlTzy, they wasted no time when the lord spawns on their side, going for a potential GG push in the 13th minute.

A YellyHaze's Pharsa's Feathered Airstrike weathered the impending Bren push getting Pheww but a double kill from FlapTzy's Esmeralda spelled the end for NXPE, as the season 6 rookie of the year provided an opening for the final GG push, with both Tzy brothers getting three kills and three assists each.

With the win, Bren moved to the standings to seventh with a 2-6 record and 7 points, while NXPE ended Week 4 with a 3-4 slate and 10 points. Bren and Nexplay Evos will figure out in a rematch on Sept. 25.

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