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MPL-PH: ONIC PH drubs Nexplay Evos to claim first UB finals ticket

ONIC Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - ONIC Philippines started their MPL Philippines Season 8 playoffs campaign on a high note as they decimated Nexplay Evos in three games of a best-of-five series on Friday.

ONIC went to a 48-23 beatdown of NXPE, stopping the momentum for the Zico-mentored team who has four series wins prior to the matchup. and ensuring a top-three finish.

Nexplay went with a Yawi comfort Jawhead and an offlane Esmeralda to go with Yi Sun-shin, Yve, and a surprise Wanwan for Hesa, while ONIC PH went with a roamer Selena and a support Selena to go with Paquito, Claude, and Uranus.

ONIC's early game potential clicked off instantly as they clipped down NXPE heroes one by one with Beemo with the Selena and Baloyskie's Pharsa to have a two-mage support combo for the yellow squad.

As NXPE constantly reacts to ONIC's rotations, Kairi took the space to grab the farm he needed despite falling down three times using his Paquito, including all three turtles.

With the damage output peaking and Dlarskie's Uranus sustainable enough, ONIC PH went to outbox Nexplay's entire roster to take the only lord comfortably.

Yawi's Ejector grabbed Baloyskie but with the rest of ONIC PH responding led by Kairi and Dlarskie, they clipped off NXPE one by one, leaving only Renejay left to defend for a 1-0 ONIC lead with Markyyyyy's Claude's 3/1/9 KDA getting the MVP nod.

ONIC went with the quintet of Rafaela, Lancelot, Kimmy, Yu Zhong, and Kagura in the second game, while NXPE went with their comforts that is Hesa special Natan, Khufta, Selena, Roger, and Benedetta.

Nexplay began the second game with three kills in their hand, but ONIC has the map control in their hands with their objective gaming including an early push to the NXPE top lane.

As NXPE trails with several miscommunication plays, ONIC PH went on to grab their objectives once again, flanking the NXPE sidelanes and forcing Yawi to rotate prematurely.

With Markyyyyy and Kairi getting their damages on, H2WO and company has not enough damage to trade and instead went to a four-on-one kill on a rather tanked Dlarskie's Yu Zhong.

Nexplay Evos' damage was not enough to neutralize Markyyyyy's Kimmy, ONIC went to the second lord of the game and from there it was all ONIC PH as NXPE were forced to defend but to no avail for the 2-0 victory led by Beemo's support Rafaela with a 1/1/17 KDA and 95 percent kill participation.

With Hatred subbing in for Markyyyyy, ONIC went for a sidelane Aldous and a support Selena together with Paquito, Ruby, and Ling, while NXPE went with a gold lane Lunox and a Hayabusa jungle with Khufra, Pharsa, and Lapu-lapu.

ONIC started Game 3 greatly as they take their objectives from the get-go, flanking both Hesa and Renejay with the rotations from Baloyskie and Beemo up until the mid game to give Dlarskie and Hatred space to push.

NXPE found themselves in the receiving end of an ONIC aggressive offense as they went kill after kill and objective after objective, thanks to superior vision from Kairi, Selena, and Aldous.

With Kairi chasing a retreating Hesa Lunox in the NXPE base, ONIC PH called game and took down NXPE members one by one despite Renejay's best efforts at defense to take the sweep with a 5/0/3 outing from Kairi's Ling.

With the loss, NXPE drops down to the lower bracket with their tournament life in the line in the lower bracket semifinals tomorrow, while ONIC PH will take their momentum in the upper bracket finals against the winners between Blacklist International and Smart Omega.

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