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Should EAC and Lyceum be admitted as regular NCAA members?

After a great ride in this year's NCAA basketball wars, is it time for the league
to finally admit EAC and Lyceum? NCAA (file photo)
By Migsy Yabut

I posted a question on Dugout/NCAA-UAAP United's Facebook page and on Twitter if the Emilio Aguinaldo College and the Lyceum of the Philippines University, which are now serving their final year as probationary members, should be promoted as regular members of the NCAA. I got good answers from the NCAA fans. Here's my take on the question.

EAC and Lyceum both tried to prove they deserve to stay and play. Both schools were able to compete in all games, but the factors that should be considered are how competitive they are in those sports and how stable their sports programs are especially in basketball.

Lyceum seems dead serious with its program. The Pirates almost grabbed its first gold medal in chess. They also improved their standings in almost all sports like badminton wherein they pulled off a podium finish. Although they're a win shy from their win-loss record last year in basketball, the improvement is still tangible as they were able to compete with a depleted lineup and they're able to produce this year's Rookie of the Year in Joseph Gabayni. Not to mention Lyceum's junior counterparts finally nailing wins, even against a perennial powerhouse in La Salle Greenhills. So far, the NCAA has no reason to not accept Lyceum as a regular member.

EAC, on the other hand, is having a nightmare season as it was reported recently that its players haven't been receiving proper food rations. Aside from that, the team was involved in a brawl with Mapua resulting to suspensions and forfeitures. Even worse is the resignation of head coach Gerry Esplana. EAC's management should find a way to redeem themselves especially now that the team is on its final year as a probationary member in the league. In my own point of view, EAC still deserves to stay but not as deserving as Lyceum.

These schools contributed time and money just to participate in the league so I guess they both deserve a break. How about you? Do you think both Lyceum and EAC should become regular NCAA members? Comment your thoughts below.
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