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Sy envisions sports academy for future athletes

Hans Sy mulls at the possibility of putting up a sports academy. Ivan Saldajeno
By Ivan Saldajeno

Hans Sy, the chief patron of the NU Bulldogs, looks to put up a sports academy to help create the next sports stars.

Speaking to a few reporters during NU's victory party at its campus in Manila City, the head of SM malls said, "If the timing is right and everything works out as what I target, I want to build a sports academy here."

Asked on why he is planning such action, he reasoned, "We believe that it is through sports that a country or a group can excel--makilala tayo through sports."

He clarified, however, that he is just envisioning it right now and he has yet to talk to the POC and the PSC about it.

Sy also said that he is looking forward to the success of the Bulldogs' tennis, volleyball, and baseball teams as well as the juniors' basketball squad for next semester.

The school celebrated the success of its teams during the first semester of the UAAP season, especially the men's basketball team's first championship in the last 60 years.