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Philippines eyed as UFC venue for next year

Debuting Fil-Am One FC fighter Brandon Vera was once a star in the UFC, which
could hold an event here in the Philippines next year.
Ross Del Rosario/Wazzup Pilipinas (file photo)
By Ivan Saldajeno

Top-tier MMA promotion UFC is targeting the Philippines as a possible venue for an event next year.

According to a press release on its website, the Philippines is among a list of the UFC's target international markets for 2015.

The list also includes the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Poland, Japan, China, South Korea, Canada, and Australia.

The Philippines has been a host to various international MMA events like those from the Guam-based PXC and the Singapore-based One FC.

The two promotions even had Filipino world champions in their respective rosters.

Recently, however, the UFC, in partnership with official Philippine broadcaster ABSCBN, made an event here in the country with star fighter Carlos Condit as the guest of honor.