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Former WWE champ CM Punk joins UFC

Phil "CM Punk" announced that he will fight in the UFC, joining the
ranks of three other WWE wrestlers. Fox Sports
By Ivan Saldajeno

In one of the biggest announcements made by the UFC, the promotion announced the signing of Phil Brooks, known to many WWE fans as CM Punk.

Brooks revealed in an interview with Joe Rogan at UFC 181 that the Straight Edge Superstar will take his talents to the MMA world through a multi-fight contract which will begin early next year.

Although he has yet to fight in an MMA bout, Brooks, a huge UFC fan, has been training jiu-jitsu alongside Rener Gracie.

Brooks will become the fourth WWE wrestler to set foot in the UFC.

MMA legend Ken Shamrock juggled between fighting in the WWE and the UFC during the late 90's.

Dan "The Beast" Severn, on the other hand, joined the UFC later in his fight sports career.

The most recent WWE wrestler to enter the UFC was Brock Lesnar, who even won the UFC Heavyweight title at one point before returning to the WWE, where his professional combat sports career began.

A recent rumor, however, surfaced that Lesnar is considering an MMA return.

Other WWE wrestlers who tried their luck in the MMA were Dave "Batista" Bautista and Bobby Lashley.

The announcement came a few days after Brooks, a former WWE champion, blasted the pro wrestling promotion for firing him this year.

WWE chairman Vince McMahon apologized to Brooks on Tuesday through Steve Austin's podcast.

But Brooks downplayed the apology, finding it more of a publicity stunt than a sincere apology.