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Despite match physicality, McMenemy says Loyola's gameplay "disciplined"

Ivan Saldajeno
By Ivan Saldajeno

Loyola coach Simon McMenemy found Loyola's performance against Ceres impressive in spite of the physical play throughout the match.

"I'm just really proud that it's a very disciplined performance today, disciplined professionally.... It's a good day for us," the Sparks' mentor told the press after their 1-0 win against the defending PFF-Smart Club Championship winner.

But when asked about his take on the very physical nature of the match which saw many bookings and the ejection of Ceres' Arnie Pasinabo, McMenemy said, "I think physicality is something that should be welcomed into this game. This is a totally different sport from basketball, and referees need to understand that contact is part of the game. If you take contact out of the game, it makes the coaching very difficult, because from a young level, the correct thing to do is to use their body. I think we need to distinguish the two [sports]."

Asked if the red card against Pasinabo helped Loyola a lot, McMenemy answered, "I don't think it changed the game a lot. We're in control of the game when he got the red card."

Pasinabo was slapped with the send-off 17 minutes after Phil Younghusband drilled in the only goal of the match.

McMenemy has yet to draw up a plan for Loyola's Monday match against Kaya, but he vowed that it will be a surprise.