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McMenemy gives take on post-match collision between Loyola, Jeepney

Cooler heads tried to keep the post-match commotion between Loyola and Manila
Jeepney from further escalating. Ivan Saldajeno
By Ivan Saldajeno

Loyola coach Simon McMenemy aired his side about a fracas that took place right after Loyola rallied to beat Manila Jeepney.

"[There was] a lot of discussions between the two benches. It's quite bad [that] temper flared," McMenemy told the press after the game.

However, McMenemy believed that Loyola midfielder James Younghusband was just trying to show sportsmanship to Jeepney goalkeeper In Hyun-Don.

"I think James is requesting to shake hands..., and for one reason or another, the [Manila Jeepney] players decided not to shake hands and just leave the field after a really tough game," the Loyola mentor said.

According to eye witness accounts, Younghusband was seen talking to In when the latter was leaving the pitch.

Players from both sides then went to separate the two from further instigating a confrontation but found themselves shoving each other. Both In and Youngusband were given yellow cards for sparking the post-game commotion.

Jeepney coach Kim Chul-Su, however, did not like the booking of In and went closer to Referee Linjun Talaver. The coaching staff stopped "Master" Kim from further actions.

However, some tension was believed to be going on even during the match.

A spectator claimed that she saw McMenemy and Jeepney manager Davide Cortina having some words to each other.

The fan also thought that past events may have a factor in the incident.

Some of the members of Jeepney including Cortina and Kim once became part of Loyola. Kim even coached Loyola during its first stint in the RHB Singapore Cup.

However, the crowd member said that they probably still had some hard feelings after they got released by Loyola, which could play a factor on why they got too emotional during the incident.