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Orton on Pacquiao as PBA player: "That's a joke"

Nuki Sabio/PBA
By Josh Castro

Purefoods import Daniel Orton lashed out at Manny Pacquiao after the latter's Kia team surprised the Purefoods squad, 95-84.

"That's a joke," the former Oklahoma City Thunder player said to the press while describing his experience of playing the nine-time world boxing champion in a professional basketball game.

While he is OK in terms of Pacquiao's other jobs, Orton believed that Pacquiao, who finally nailed his first PBA point through a free throw early in the second quarter, is wasting his time in club basketball play.

"Professional boxer, okay. Congressman, alright. Professional basketball player? No. It’s a joke. Seriously, it’s a joke,” Orton continued.

He also hit out at the officiating of the game after getting saddled with foul trouble, limiting him to only six points.

Orton ranted, “The way the game was going the [referees] made it into a mockery, seriously. They took the game that I know and love and made it into a mockery.”

Asked about what he thought of the match overall, he answered, “This game was seriously a joke.”