PBA, Ranida launch mobile game app

By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--You can now take control of your favorite PBA teams and players.

On Friday, Ranida Games announced its tie-up with the said basketball league and officially launched PBA Slam.

The mobile gaming app, patterned after NBA Jam, can let you play your favorite club and battle the AI to a two-on-two match.

On why Ranida developed the game, Games Head Ben Banta said, “We wanted to make a game that appeals to our fellow Filipinos and something that is close to our hearts. Filipinos love basketball and it is something that all of us in the studio enjoy as well.”

“By entering into a license agreement with the PBA, we are not just enhancing the fan’s total experience by letting them play with their favorite PBA teams and players but we are also looking into improving the market influence of our sponsors and advertisers,” added Walter Manalo, Ranida's business development head. “The PBA brand brings instant name recognition which helps guarantee a bigger market reach. This allows our sponsors and in-game advertisers not only to keep abreast with digital advertising trends but to also tap to an even bigger market potential consisting of Filipino basketball fans and mobile gamers.”

PBA Slam is downloadable for free on Google Play and will be pre-installed on the new PBA-themed MyPhones which will be released later this year. The app will be available on IOS soon.