Guam-based Delos Reyes proud of Pinoy roots

Dennis Acosta
By Ivan Saldajeno
PASAY--He may be a Guamanian by place of birth, but Jon Delos Reyes made everyone know that he is a proud Filipino.

Moments after scoring a submission win against fellow Filipino Roldan Sangcha-an in UFC Fight Night on Saturday night, Delos Reyes told the press, "I wanted to show the fans two Filipinos fighting against each other in the UFC.... I was born in Guam, but I'm full Filipino."

Delos Reyes, however, admitted that Sangcha-an got the better of him in the opening minutes before finally getting the momentum swing needed to force the tap out.

"It was a slow start. I knew it was a tough fight... Fighting in the Philippines was going to be a lot of pressure," he revealed.

Still, he was happy that he won in his homecoming.

Delos Reyes assessed, "I think it was a good fight for our first UFC fight in Manila.... I love Filipinos. I get humbled here."