NCAA Power Rankings: Week 9

By Ivan Saldajeno

THE second round of the NCAA season has begun, and the interesting results shook up our weekly power rankings anew. Here is the latest edition of the NCAA Power Rankings (Note: The previous mid-season rankings was for Weeks 7 and 8, so I named this one Week 9).

1. San Beda Red Lions (9-2)

San Beda opened the second round with two straight wins, prompting the four-spot upgrade back to the top of the power rankings. To cap the impressive week, MVP candidate Arth Dela Cruz finally took home the Player of the Week honor.

2. Letran Knights (9-2)
Dennis Acosta (file photo)
Letran, on the other hand, suffered its second loss of the season thanks to a Ryan Costelo heart-breaker. The Knights bounced back from the defeat with a Friday win against the team that handed them their first L, the EAC Generals. The loss to San Sebastian, which ended the same way as how Letran got past the team in the first round, dropped the "house of chaos" to second spot in the power rankings.

3. JRU Heavy Bombers (6-4)

Despite a controversial ending against Arellano, JRU moves up in the power rankings. The Heavy Bombers needed two overtimes and eventually an order from Arellano president Francisco Cayco to withdraw the protest (Thus, the late posting of this power ranking) to get their sixth win.

4. Arellano Chiefs (6-4)
Dennis Acosta (file photo)
Despite the loss, Arellano stayed in the match against JRU. In fact, many thought the game should have gone to triple overtime if not for a crucial officiating error that prompted the Chiefs to file a protest. An order from Arellano president Francisco Cayco led to the withdrawal of the said protest.

5. Perpetual Help Altas (7-3)

Perpetual Help, on the other hand, fell prey to Mapua as the latter opened a 17-point halftime lead. The Altas still threatened to steal the win from the Cardinals, something the Heavy Bombers did in the first round, but the Cards seemed to have learned the lesson from that painful defeat and held on to the win.

6. Mapua Cardinals (5-5)

Like I mentioned, Mapua seemed to have set aside JRU's comeback from 18 points down. The Cardinals nearly lost a 17-point cushion, but Denniel Aguirre saved the day as he picked up the ball after a loose ball scramble and nailed the insurance basket.

7. Lyceum Pirates (3-7)

Lyceum started the second round the same way it ended the first round. But unlike the smooth sailing against the Generals, the Pirates lost a huge lead against the Golden Stags. Thanks to a game-ending 11-0 run, Lyceum finally notched a winning streak.

8. San Sebastian Golden Stags (3-8)

If not for the loss to Lyceum, San Sebastian would have been way up in the power rankings. The Golden Stags completed a comeback to stun the Knights, exacting revenge from their first round defeat. It seems like Baste is also beginning to pick up steam.

9. CSB Blazers (2-8)

All-Star MVP Jonathan Grey showed up late in CSB's match against San Beda, and that proved fatal for the team. With their scoring leader getting a DNP-CD, the Blazers just cannot find a way to get past the Red Lions.

10. EAC Generals (2-9)

EAC lost two straight games to start the second round. Although still in the Final Four race, the Generals, who two years ago nearly made the playoffs, are on their way for an early exit.

(Note: The opinions of the writer do not reflect that of Dugout Philippines.)