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Adidas unveils D Rose 6

By Mark Joshua Castro

SELECTED as the first overall pick in the 2008 draft by the Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose took the spotlight early in his career by leading the Bulls to the playoffs.

Selected as the starting guard for the East in the 2010 All Star Game, he has been the first player of the Bulls to start in an All Star game since Michael Jordan and was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player the following year.

But just like the other players, injuries plagued his young career, forcing him to stay away on the court for a couple of games, months and worst thing came, he suffered a back-to-back season ending injury.

His will, desire, and courage on the game of basketball never quit. Despite the injuries, the youngest MVP in the history of the league did not say “I quit” on the things he wants to continue.

His toughness brought him back on track. Derrick Rose continues to prove doubters he will never back down on the challenges.

Just last season, returning to the playoffs for the first time for nearly three years, he went on an average more than 20 points and six assists, including the buzzer-beater trey to lift the Bulls on a Game 3 victory against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rose proved that he’s still capable of dominance on the court.

“Nobody believed in me except my friends, my family, my fans and my city,” Rose said. “That’s all I need. My goal is to get back to work and bring it every day,” he added.

Rose, in partnership with Adidas, unveils the new D Rose 6, which is inspired by his will to never back down; the silhouette is designed to elevate his aggressive game and drive to win titles.

“This is the second shoe I’ve been able to wear with Boost and the comfort and energy you get back is crazy. I’m not going to wear another basketball shoe that doesn’t have Boost,” the Memphis standout said.

D Rose 6 comes equipped with forefoot and heel Boost cushioning engineered for basketball movement to ensure energy return and comfort. The bold rugged FitFrame heel cage and straps are constructed to deliver an adaptive fit and represent his countless and tireless hours spent in the gym. A herringbone traction pattern, inspired by wood grain textures and designs, adds optimum grip for drives to the basket.

It also features the six-point star of the Chicago flag at the base of the laces and six reflective lines in the heel.

“Derrick is in different places than he was a few years ago and we wanted to create a shoe that shares his focus to bring a championship home,” said Brian Foresta, vice president of Global Design, Adidas Basketball. “Our close work with Derrick allowed us to design a shoe that reflects his journey and helps build game.”

D Rose 6 will be launched on Oct. 15 in “Home” and Nov. 5 in “Road” colorways with five more editions unveiling through the end of the year. The shoe will cost PHP8,995 in the country.

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