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QUEZON CITY – Hello, NBA hoop junkies! We will bring you all the latest about the NBA off-season and this coming 2015-2016 season.  It will be your daily dose of NBA trades, transactions, injuries, and news. We hope we’ll be able to feed your NBA hoop-starving minds. We're excited to get it going and keep it rolling.
Chicago Bull's Derrick Rose. Mike Ehrmann | Getty Images
Chicago, Illinois – Bulls hobbled superstar and 1-time MVP, Derrick Rose seems to not get a good break. After having a healthy off-season and finally preparing to have his prolonged bounce back year, Rose suffered another setback. He got an elbow in the left eye during the 1st day at training camp. He suffered a left orbital fracture on Wednesday and immediately had surgery today. Chicago Bulls management and team doctors expect him to be back in action in no less than 2 weeks.

Cleveland, Ohio – Cavs starting two-guard Iman Shumpert suffered a ruptured Extensor Carpi Ulnaris sheath in right wrist. Cavs General Manager David Griffin says Shumpert tried to catch a lob pass last week that caused his wrist to hit the rim and felt uneasiness and pain in the wrist. MRI yesterday confirmed the severity of injury. He underwent successful surgery today and expected to miss at least 12-14 weeks. Cavs lost to Golden State in last year’s NBA Finals without injured stars Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Anderson Varejao, who all three, are still recuperating from their injuries. Add Shumpert to the wounded Cavs.

Still in Cleveland, Free agent Tristan Thompson still absent in Cavs training camp. Money issues with contract extension is keeping Thompson from participating in the camp. Thompson’s camp wants a Maximum contract deal, while Cavs management, wants Thompson to lower his price. Negotiations have been going on since July and it seems it hasn’t move to a solution. Deadline for contract extensions is set for tomorrow 12pm, Manila time. If Thompson doesn’t agree to an extension, he’ll be forced to accept Cavs’ $6.7m qualifying offer for 1 year and become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Denver, Colorado – Veteran sharpshooter Mike Miller ready to help guide the young Denver Nuggets. Miller, who were traded this offseason from Cleveland to Portland, were waived by the Trailblazers earlier this week that setup Miller’s signing a 1yr veteran minimum deal with the Nuggets. Miller played a vital cog in Miami Heat’s back-to-back Championships few seasons ago.

Houston, Texas – Big man Dwight Howard not worrying about his 2016 free agency and mentally focusing on this years’ season only. After losing in the Western Conference finals last year, Dwight wants to get back there and changed the result. He wants to compete for the NBA Championship again like he did in 2009 where his team (Orlando Magic) was beaten by the Los Angeles Lakers in 5 games.

Rejuvenated guard Ty Lawson believes he was the missing cog in Houston’s quest for a title last season. He believes he will be the difference maker and can compete better against NBA MVP Stephen Curry. Lawson also says that he’s in a better state now after completing a 30-day rehabilitation for alcohol use. He’s learned his lesson and ready to make an impact for the Rockets.

Los Angeles, California – Kobe Bryant excited and eager to start his 19th season. He feels healthy and refreshed from years’ worth of rest and rehabilitation from his Achilles, Knee, and Shoulder injuries. He says he’s been working hard to get his conditioning up again. Lakers head coach, Byron Scott, told him that he’ll play some 3-spot this year and he’s already accepted it “It gives me more opportunities to just catch and shoot the ball, makes my job a lot easier”.

Memphis, Tennessee – Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley, who sustained the same injury as Derrick Rose’ in the playoffs, will still wear a protective mask at the start of the season. He still doesn’t feel comfortable playing without it, and wants to use it a little further.

New Grizzly Matt Barnes is very excited to play for Memphis especially alongside Defensive ace, Tony Allen. “I’m excited to play alongside Tony, I haven’t had a teammate who plays exactly like me.” Barnes said.

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