Poet dedicates new literature to LeBron

By Dugout Philippines

AS LEBRON James officially launched his new signature Nike shoes, poet and rapper Lemon Andersen blurted out a poem especially dedicated to the NBA superstar. Here is Andersen's latest piece, entitled "The Akronite", in its entirety:

Scripted against a backboard
Of broken dreams,
Dry red and gold paint,
Wooden floors
Broken hearts
A shattered team
Another season signed off
in Cleveland
left Flooded
again with
cold blooded losses
the echoes of Empty Nets...
Yet Written in the stars
A hero will rise up again
Bring a legendary story
back to the Midwest
This time
Redemption will come back to the land
A championship Will come
to the Q
All of it due
to the Summit man
his band of brothers
Putting in work
and game tight
Doubling up in the gym
A hundred miles of tape runnin'
Getting the game right
to be a Champ
it will take more Blood,
Take more sweat
it will take faith
over fate
strength over pain
pain over fear
It will take
new Ways to chase
the imperial throne
switching up weapons of battle
Stepping out
of the comfort Zone
take A village to persevere
Take a city
A Family to hold him down
a mother’s love on the sidelines
holding her sons crown
Yelling go get em baby
let em know
Glow under pressure
show these children
This ain't given
you earn the right to be here
The right to be their hero
the iron lion da ga gan
of the of 3.3.0
get em 'Bron do it for the land
Be mighty in your clutch
Humble in your stand
Stand dominant in the paint
magnificent in the lane
Stay opulent in your fight
legendary in your flight
Stay classic
in your one legged leap
To the rim
All hail King James
All hail to the Akronite
All hail to the leader who
Stood up to his role
Who bounced back
with his state
his mind
his body and
His Rubber City Soul.

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