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Video: NBA superstars reveal some secrets to success

By Dugout Philippines

LEBRON James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Anthony Davis, and Elena Delle Donne.

They are seven of the best basketball players right now, and many wonder, "What makes them very successful in their career?"

Four teenagers tried to figure that out when they ventured on a long trip to visit the seven ballers and check out their pregame routines.

A video entitled "Bring Your Game" documented the said teenagers' journey.

The five-minute flick directed by Rick Famuyiwa featured the theatrical interpretation of the seven star athletes' success secrets.

Released right on Christmas Day, the video shows LeBron's diet, how Kyrie became one of the game's top ball handlers, and Delle Donne's definition of a girls' night out.

Check out the video here.
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