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Vera hits out at Parry for failing to pass pre-fight requirements for title fight

One Championship
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--Shortly after One Championship president Victor Cui announced that Chi-Lewis Parry will be replaced by Paul Cheng for the main event of One's Spirit of Champions fight card, Parry's supposed opponent, Brandon Vera, fired some shots at him.

In a video he posted on his Facebook page late Tuesday night, Vera started his statement by calling Parry "a f****** coward," even adding monikers to his name like "b****-ass" and "v***** cunt".

"You're a b****, bro. You are what's wrong with the world today. Guys who talk the talk, think they are the toughest s***, but actually have no balls. You're not a man," Vera said in the video.

He even warned the other MMA organizations about bringing in Parry, who lost his chance to face Vera for the inaugural One heavyweight title at the Mall of Asia Arena on Friday night after failing to submit medical records and drug tests that are needed to make a fighter cleared to fight in the One championship cage.

"Any organization that continues to use [Parry] or decides to use [Parry] is a s*** organization," Vera continued.

Still, Vera said that he is open to face Parry, but he implied that he might take it to the streets.

"If you still believe you can beat me, send me your address. Before I go home for Christmas, I'mma come to you. We'll f****** scrap there," Vera dared.

Meanwhile, Vera thanked Cheng for accepting the challenge despite being called late.

Vera's statement continued, "Mr. Paul Cheng, thank you for stepping up. I appreciate you for coming here and putting on a show."

In the open workout at the KMA Gym earlier Tuesday, Vera said that he thinks he is more than ready for the heavyweight championship battle.

“I’ve never been in shape like this. I’ve never been this big and my body fat has never been this low. My cardio’s never been this high. My confidence is through the roof with this,” he ecstatically said.

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