Sparta opens soccer school for adults

By Dugout Philippines

MANDALUYONG--Sparta Football Academy recently opened its Football Fundamentals for Adults Program.

Known for the first and only FIFA certified 1-star indoor football field in the country, Sparta now leaves its doors open to people who wants to play the sport for the very first time to come and learn the basics.

"The program was set-up so that adults can experience the beauty of the sport for the first time. It is also meant to teach the basics of football and expand the football community in the Philippines. Expected results for this crash course revolve around having a very good understanding of the basic skills and rules of football, as well an appreciation for the sport", said owner Amanda Fernandez.

The program will be headed by Head Coach Joel Villarino and Assistant Coach Joseph Villarino. 

The program will start February 3 and will be held every Wednesday from 2-4 in the afternoon for the entire month.

For more information, please call 6553799 or 0977-7634402.

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