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Video: Filipino, Frenchman engage in wacky ping-pong match

Reuel Causin tries a jumping serve against his French opponent. Screen capture from Facebook
By Dugout Philippines

TABLE tennis may not be an "in" sport in the Philippines, but this local player from Bohol could give the discipline a new light.

Reuel Causin, known for his comedic antics in the game, took on a Frenchman in a certain exhibition match.

It turned out, the foreign player also put in funny moves inside his sleeves, and the result was hilarity all game long.

Here's a video of the said match as posted on Facebook by Julius Castillo, a friend of Causin.
Philippines vs. France (Funny Table Tennis)
Philippines vs France. The Philippines is represented by Reuel Opong Causin - one of Bohol's (funniest) legendary table tennis players. Really funny and worthwhile.
Posted by Julius Castillo Jr. on Thursday, January 28, 2016
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