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Mineski drops Manila Major opener against EG

By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--Mineski fell prey to EG, 1-2, at the start of their Manila Major group stage campaign on Saturday.

Despite looking to start the series strong with a Slardar, Dragon Knight, and Ember combination in the first game, EG took the opener by going for a slow-paced action with Kurtis Ling's Sven doing the carry role.

Mineski bounced back as skipper Jay Qui, usually known for playing the support role, opted to play hard carry with Lifestealer and went on a roll in the late game, going for a beyond godlike streak.

EG clinched the series after surviving a long Game 3 that lasted 41 minutes after making a great push at the middle and the top lanes.

Mineski will try to bounce back against Phoenix, which lost to LGD in the other group stage match, later Saturday for a chance to enter the main tournament on Tuesday at the upper bracket.

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