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Duncan retires from the NBA

Chris Covatta/Getty Images (file photo)
By Jason Espiritu

MANILA--After an illustrious 19-year career in the NBA, Timothy Theodore Duncan, arguably the best power forward to ever play the game, decides to hang it up as per an official statement by the San Antonio Spurs on Monday.

Tim, or TD to his peers, was drafted number one overall in the 1997 NBA draft by the Spurs out of Wake Forest.

He won Rookie of the Year, and ever since joining the Spurs, they never missed the playoffs with a constant 71 percent winning percentage year after year.

Along the way, he managed to collect 5 NBA championship trophies, 3 Finals MVP's, and 2 regular season MVP's.

Tim did all of this under the limelight and in a very professional manner. He showed flashes of brilliance without being completely flashy.

He is "The Big Fundamental" to the NBA community.

He will always be remembered for having the most dangerous bank shot out from the left block and a methodical footwork and post play inside the paint.

As he quietly came into the NBA scene, dominated every single season he played, he will also exit quietly a legacy of winning and consistent greatness.

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