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Lowe, McMenemy share thoughts on UFL All-Star Game

Man of the Match Andy Keogh and Perth manager Kenneth Lowe in the post-match press conference at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium
By Kevin Estrada

MANILA--Kenneth Lowe and Simon McMenemy share their reflections on the aftermath of Perth Glory's 2-1 win over the UFL All Stars late Saturday afternoon at the post-match presser in nearby Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

Both managers expressed their appreciation to each other after an enterprising and clean match in which both sides played the game fairly.

The Scot was initially disappointed about the setback by the league's finest but they were grateful for the experience despite not trained together as a team for this match.

"Overall, I’m really happy. I’m pleased with the boys, they’ve enjoyed it and they have a big smile in their faces playing against good opposition and Perth got a good runout and got a good test today. So, everybody’s happy and everybody wins," the Loyola gaffer told a sparse crowd in the press room.

McMenemy later commended the clinical finishing of the visiting A-League outfit, "We’re saying it at halftime that if the roles have been reversed, and Perth have the chances that we created, it could be easily been six or seven," the Loyola gaffer quoted.

In retrospect, the Englishman said that there is no difference compared to Wednesday's stalemate with Global, and was pleased with the way the All-Star selection played.

"I thought we control the game, thought that we control the tempo. I was really pleased for this to be truthful, because it’s the early part of our pre-season training for us to do so well. But they played a decent brand of football, and they tried to play the game in a right way and to be truthful it was enjoyable to watch from the bench," Lowe said to the media, added that the Kaya tandem of Louis Clark and Robert Lopez-Mendy were the ones who stand out in the match.

Both managers also saying praises to Matt Acton and Tahj Minniecon for their performance, as both of them looked like they have something to prove to return to the A-League.

"I think every Aussie wants to go back to the A-League. Getting back to the ALeague is very difficult, it’s a competitive market. For us, both players did really well today and they can be proud on where they playing," the former assistant to Alistair Edwards assessed the pair.

"So there was some motivation for them today to play well and for all the boys to show the league up to be one where there is talent, there is good players and its ability," McMenemy concluded.

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