Bad weather forces UFL to cancel doubleheader

Both Kaya and Loyola have their upcoming fixtures postponed today as rain and flood made Rizal Memorial unplayable (file photo)
By Kevin Estrada

MANILA--Even the artificial turf of Rizal Memorial was not spared from the current bad weather, as the United Football League followed Ang Liga's suit to cancel its Saturday fixtures.

The league posted its announcement on its Facebook and Twitter accounts early Saturday, citing bad weather and a prospect of thunderstorms later in the day.
With the said announcement, Forza's tussle with Kaya, as well as the second round rematch between Loyola and Stallion were moved to a later date.

All but Kaya have their first ever matches that been cancelled this year, as the three-time UFL champions had theirs postponed for the second time this season.

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