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EG wins marathon match en route to sweep of TNC

From DOTA 2's Twitter page
By Ivan Saldajeno

SEATTLE--EG survived 73 minutes of epic clashes against TNC before hacking out a 2-0 sweep of their TI6 group stage series at the Key Arena on Friday (Philippine Time).

The defending champions, having to battle three durable heroes, appeared to be heading to the victory after razing TNC's middle and bottom lanes after 42 minutes, which in tournament play is already long enough.

But the Filipino squad, behind Carlo Palad's Timbersaw and Marc Fausto's Lifestealer, got late clash victories that prolonged the game further and even appeared to be mounting a huge comeback.

A pivotal kill by Sumail Hassan's Mirana on Palad, however, sparked EG's endgame heroics that helped the team take the opener.

Clinton Loomis then lorded over Game 2 as his Legion Commander carried the fight for EG for the series win.

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