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EHome bucks shock Game 1 defeat, sends Execration to brink of early TI6 elimination

By Ivan Saldajeno

SEATTLE--EHome averted a potentially huge upset by Execration and moved on to the winners' bracket of the wildcard round of The International 6 at the Key Arena on Wednesday (Philippine Time).

The Chinese squad got stunned in the first game of the best-of-three affair and appeared to be getting the wrong end of the Filipino team's giant slaying early into Game 2 but recovered and clinched the race-to-two series, 2-1.

Nando Mendoza led the way for Execration in the opener as his Weaver wreaked havoc on EHome en route to taking the win.

EHome actually took a gamble in the second game when they opted to let Execration take Weaver again only that the latter declined and instead let Mendoza play Juggernaut, which as piloted by Abed Yusop also got things going late.

Execration scored the first three PK's of the second game, but the Nyx Assassin-Lifestealer tandem took over for EHome, not to mention Execration losing the gem they decided to buy early on.

Despite Mendoza going for Alchemist in the decider, EHome's Naga Siren-Axe combination became pivotal as they went for a 26-7 PK lead.

But with Alchemist and Yusop's Morphling beginning to catch fire late after slowing the pace down, Execration appeared to be heading to completing the remarkable.

But Axe's buyback mattered the most as EHome pawned the Alchemist, who was barred from buying back for two minutes, which paved the way for the victory.

EHome inched closer to getting one of the remaining spots in the main tournament, while Execration was sent to the losers' bracket, where another defeat will mean elimination from the biggest DOTA 2 event of the year.

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