Tabal endures heat, finishes Olympic marathon

From Tabal's Facebook account
By Dugout Philippines

RIO DE JANEIRO--In spite of the hot weather, Mary Joy Tabal still ran until the end and finished the Philippines' first stint in Olympic women's marathon on Sunday.

Tabal entered the finish line with a time of three hours, two minutes, and 27 seconds, which is a little less than 38-and-a-half minutes longer than eventual gold medalist Jemima Sumgong and also way off her personal best of 2:43:31.

With the heat began settling in midway through the race, Tabal began losing steam as well, but her sheer determination pushed her to finish the race although finishing at 124th place.

Africans ruled the race as Sumgong, who represents Kenya, at 2:24:03, while Mare Didaba of Ethiopia was at third with 2:24:30.

Bahrain's Eunice Kirwa broke into the podium by taking the silver for her run that lasted 2:24:13, just ten seconds behind Sumgong.

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