Philippines finally has chess WGM in Frayna

NCFP (file photo)

By Dugout Philippines

BAKU--The Philippines was officially added to the list of countries with a chess women's grandmaster as Janelle Frayna scored her third and final GM norm on Sunday night during the World Chess Olympiad on Sunday night.

Frayna drew her match with Mongolian WGM Davaadembarel Nomin-Erdene via a 33-move French Winawer Defense Poisoned Pawn Variation. Nomin-Erdene entered the tournament with a 2422 ELO rating, which is above the minimum rating for a men's IM.

Frayna tallied six points on four wins and four draws after nine rounds, which was enough to make her the country's first grandmaster in the distaff side.

Aside from Nomin-Erdene, Frayna battled three WGM's with men's GM ratings and two other WIM's during the previous rounds.

“I’m proud to announce that WIM Janelle Mae Frayna achieved the third and last result to become the first Woman Grandmaster from the Philippines,” said men's GM Jayson Gonzales, Frayna's coach.

However, the Philippine team lost to the Mongolian team, 1.5-2.5, following a defeat by Jan Fronda to another WGM with a men's IM rating, Tubswhintugs Batchimeg. Catherine Secopito and Shania Mendoza also settled for draws.

The result dropped the Filipinas outside the Top 20 with two rounds left.

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