PVF survives FIVB expulsion at LVPI's expense

By Dugout Philippines

MANILA--After being left for dead in the scene last year, the Philippine Volleyball Federation was given a new lease of life after the International Volleyball Federation uphold its petition to remain as the country's authority on the said sport in the 35th FIVB Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Thursday morning Manila time.

Represented by Deputy Secretary Gerard Cantada and legal counsel Jose Roy III, the PVF was successful in presenting the case of illegal disenfranchisement made by the Philippine Olympic Committee-backed Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas.

The case was way back in 2015 when POC tossed the PVF out of its roster in the National Sporting Associations and hastily installed LVPI allegedly without basis or process whatsoever in the heat of the hype of the Amihan and Bagwis programs.

With that, the application of LVPI to be formally recognized by the FIVB was also denied in the said Congress, as the world governing body even created a commission to investigate the problems hounding the sport in the country, therefore saving the PVF from possible suspension.

Due to the said news however, the country's hosting of the Women's Club World Championship later this month might be put in serious doubt.

Although staying at home during the course of the Congress, PVF President Edgardo Cantada expressed its gratitude to the few supporters who made it thick and thin to get the justice that they deserve.

The younger Cantada said on his Facebook post that the war had just begun and will promise that they were finally given justice that was long overdue.

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