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Telus dominates Call Center Olympics

By Dugout Philippines

PASIG--Telus International Philippines claimed championship titles for the basketball and darts tournaments at the recently concluded 8th Call Center Olympics held at the Meralco Gym recently.

The Telus basketball team dominated the tournament, beating 17 other business process outsourcing (BPO) companies during the 2016 season.

Two of its basketball players, Murjan Al Mowallad and the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Hippolyte Noundou, were recognized as part of the mythical five (the top five players).

The Telus team won all games from elimination to final rounds as Noundou demonstrated tactical offensive plays that secured the team’s victory by more than twenty points in the final.

In the BPO darts tournament, the Telus team won first place against two other teams. Meanwhile, Telus’ teams for soccer, billiards, and chess finished strong, clinching the first runner-up trophies. The TIP football team secured its first runner-up spot in this year’s championship after finishing 2nd runner-up the previous year.

The Telus players are members of the company’s darts, billiards, chess and badminton clubs. These special interest groups cater to the different interests of team members.

The Call Center Olympics is organized to foster camaraderie and teamwork through friendly sports competition among business process outsourcing companies. Telus International Philippines has been a member of the Call Center Olympics since 2015.

“We understand the pressure of working as a call center agent and one way to address work-related tension is to promote a healthy lifestyle and to join sports festivals. The Call Center Olympics’ tournaments in basketball, darts, chess, billiards, soccer, and football promote healthy competition and sportsmanship among our team members” said Telus International Philippines Vice President for Brand, Marketing, and Culture Warren Tait.

“We are proud of our team members who not only showcased their skills in the spirit of fun, but demonstrated their passion and pride both on the court and within our workplace,” added Tait.

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