Video: This LeBron flick came out of nowhere

LeBron James' first championship with Cleveland came from out of nowhere, and so does this tribute by Nike. AP (file photo)
By Dugout Philippines

WE'RE not supposed to see this video.

But thanks to Cleveland's epic comeback from 1-3 down to steal the NBA championship from Golden State which everyone never thought would happen, Nike came up with this short film with LeBron James as the narrator.

Entitled "Come out of nowhere", James relayed how Cavs fans were getting bashed even offline just because their team could not win an NBA title even with him around and how sheer determination helped them withstood the odds.

The said video featured a reenactment of James' chase-down block against Andre Iguodala that helped set up the eventual Kyrie Irving game-winning triple in Game 7 of the NBA Finals that symbolizes the title, which happens to be the name of Nike's latest campaign to kickstart the 207 NBA season.

Here's the said mini-movie directed by Mark Romanek.
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