New PBA chairman Romero bats for better social media reach

The Ginebra-Meralco finals series helped the PBA gain more online following. (file photo)

By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--In the first year of former coach Chito Narvasa as the PBA commissioner, the followers of its social media networks doubled in number.

But for new league chairman Mikee Romero, it is still not enough.

Citing the case of China, which has steadily become more sports-crazy than before, the GlobalPort owner wants a better online mileage for the league, and this is what he brought up during the league's annual pre-season board meeting in Seoul.

“Look at the NBA, the NFL and baseball’s Major League. They’re all heading to China which is a hundred million market. For us, I think we have to broaden our base by trying to reach our OFWs. People in buses, jeepneys and in LRT watch video live stream. We have to tap those markets,” said Romero, who is also the representative of 1PacMan party list in the Lower House.

He also admitted, “The PBA has become like a roller-coaster, sometimes experiencing stagnancy. It’s not gaining phenomenal rise. We have to prime it, and I think social media are means. We should stretch out our hands and open new avenues.”

He later added, “I was asking the commissioner, "How much is our money?'”

Romero then revealed that the league officials are conceptualizing new apps that will broaden the scope of the league's online presence.

“I want our social media, PBA apps to get a higher budget. I want our games seen live around the world through the net,” Romero batted

Narvasa, on the other hand, said that the league is now addressing the social media campaign matters.

“We’ve actually started it, and it shows that the popularity of the PBA is really high.... The question now: 'How do you monetize that?' The answer is there. We just have to sit down and we’ll find the answer,” Narvasa said.

Aside from the new apps, the league, according to Narvasa, also looks to improve its website to serve its readers better.

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