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SCENARIO: Possible four-way tie at the playoff seeding?

The playoff picture seems to be shaky at the moment but what if it ended up in a four-way tie? Who would enter the playoffs or go home? (file photo)
By Jeckloy Acosta

MANILA--The playoff race seems very tight as everyone also seems to be very close to each other. Most of the seeds might be also decided by the quotient.

But let us check, what are the possible scenario for the last but not the least important playoff seed, the eighth one?

Blackwater just lost back-to-back games against two fan-favorite teams that made their playoff hopes more doubtful. Coming from a 4-2 start, their best in franchise history, they only won one of their last 5 games against Alaska. They now stand at the ninth spot with a 5-6 standing but they are not yet staved off contention.

The latest champs are also not yet assured of a playoff spot. It will still depend on the results of the next games but if fortunes were on their side and if they win their next game. They would be a step away to the playoffs.

Imagine if Alaska, Barangay Ginebra and GlobalPort would lose their last remaining games. They would end up in a four-way-tie with Blackwater which would be this way. Alaska would be the sixth seed with a plus-23 quotient, Blackwater would be the seventh seed with plus-2 and Ginebra would be eighth at plus-1. Globalport would slip to ninth with a minus-12 quotient.

That would shake our heads up. Let's just see what would happen next. It's truly an entertaining league.

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