On Cam: UV takes home SBP Sportsmanship Award

By Dugout Philippines

THE  University of the Visayas (UV) got to take home the much-coveted Sportsmanship award in the SBP division of the prestigious SBP-Passerelle Twin Tournament. This award is based not only on the fair play shown by the players, but also among the coaches, school officials and parents, and aims to develop values, discipline, team work and sportsmanship among all participants. The SBP-Passerelle Twin Tournament is organized by the multi-awarded school for basketball and volleyball, BEST Center, sponsored by Milo, and supported by Chris Sports and Rain or Shine. Now on its 31st year, SBP-Passarelle is the longest running and most prestigious annual inter-school basketball competition for children where students ages 9-11 compete in the SBP division, while students ages 12-14 compete in the Passarelle division.

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