Mineski rebuild complete after taking former TNC skipper Eyyou

By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--Nico Barcelon will get a reunion project with former Fnatic teammate Chai Yee Fung as he will join Mineski to cap the club's major roster tweak.

As announced by the team on Thursday, Barcelon, who became known as the captain of the TNC squad that barged to the Top 8 of TI6 in Seattle last year, was acquired by Mineski from HappyFeet in a trade for Julz De Leon and RR Peñano.

Following TNC's deep TI6 run, Barcelon, also known as Eyyou, joined Chai, or Mushi to the DOTA community, at Fnatic.

But following a dismal autumn campaign, Barcelon returned to the Philippines and captained HappyFeet for the winter and spring tournaments.

But now, Barcelon finds himself teammates again with Chai while joining forces with former rival Ryan Qui, who stays as Mineski member.

Although having to relinquish the skipper spot to Chai following an ugly finish to Mineski's campaign in the Kiev Major Southeast Asian Qualifiers, Qui kept a spot in the quintet as well as Michael Ross.

The development turned Mineski to a "superteam" of sorts entering the summer season with three team captains teaming up.

Meanwhile, Chai got another ex-teammate back in Lee Kong Yang.

Lee and Chai were comrades during Orange's campaign in TI3.

The acquisition of Lee, known by his in-game name KYXY, officially completes the new Mineski five.

On the other hand, De Leon and Peñano found themselves at their former home in HappyFeet, rejoining Cuyco and Benhur Lawis, who were their teammates at Mineski during its ESL One and Manila Major run alongside Qui.

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