SAVED! Rizal Memorial declared a historic landmark by NHCP

RIZAL MEMORIAL IS HERE TO STAY. The NHCP put a stop to Manila's plan of another shopping complex at the expense of the legendary Adriatico edifice.
By Kevin Estrada

MANILA -- In what is the biggest victory by heritage conservationists and sports fans alike, the famed Rizal Memorial Sports Complex in Adriatico is saved from the proverbial wrecking ball after the National Historical Commission of the Philippines declared it as a National Historical Landmark.

Led by chairperson Rene Escalante through its Resolution 5 last March 27, the NHCP invokes Republic Acts 10066 and 10086 in declaring the fabled mecca of Philippine sports an important cultural landmark, stopping the plan of the City Government of Manila to convert it into a shopping mall to be bankrolled by a group led by Enrique Razon that led to numerous protests from the sports and heritage sector, including one from the PAMANLAHI last January.

The resolution backed up the earlier declaration by the National Museum that Rizal Memorial is "an important cultural property."
Football fans in the nation's capital will be delighted that the premier venue for the beautiful game will be saved from the wrecking ball.
Built in 1934 from the land once used in the Manila Carnival, the sporting edifice witnessed the greatest sporting moments in the country, from Babe Ruth's super slugging at the Ballpark. to the MICAA days in the Coliseum up to the resurgence of football in the fabled Art Deco grandstand of the main stadium, in which it will be Loyola's new home for the PFL.

The entire complex played host to the Asian Games of 1954 and twice used as the main stadium for the SEA Games of 1981 and 1991.

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