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The Nierrases glad for Stallion's last minute fightback

Matthew Nierras and Stallion Laguna caught Global Cebu tiring, according to his father Ernest who was the gaffer.
By Kevin Estrada

BIÑAN -- Stallion Laguna's father-son tandem of gaffer Ernie and midfielder Matthew Nierras were glad to take a point in the most dramatic circumstances, moments after they take a 1-1 draw against Global Cebu last Sunday.

To him, they just caught the last UFL champions being tired at the end of the match despite getting the opener thru Shu Sasaki.

"Global was a little tired due to their AFC Cup tie, so that worked in our advantage. In the last 15 minutes of the second half, they dominated the game. We are lucky to caught them relaxing, if not because of that we are still winless in the table," an emotionally drained older Nierras said after the match.

For the younger Matthew, it was an immense improvement from their disastrous debut to the season, where they were pummeled for five by a highly-charged Meralco Manila side two weeks ago.

"Obviously we wanted three points but fortunately we didn't lose," he admitted.

Stallion will have just six days to try to get all three points when Ilocos United comes to Laguna on the 27th.

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