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GAB chair Mitra assures full support to gamers as they become eligible for licensing

TNC became one of the first two e-sports teams who got athletic licenses from GAB. From TNC's Twitter account

By Ivan Saldajeno

QUEZON CITY--GAB chairman Baham Mitra vowed that his office will give the e-sports athletes the support they need for their upcoming competitions.

“Whether in international, mainstream or local tournaments, GAB will play its role, not only to regulate but also to assist the gamers in any way we can. That is our mission here in GAB,” said Mitra when Dugout Philippines sought for more details concerning the media announcement made by TNC on Tuesday that the team and the other Philippine team to TI7, Execration, got athletic licenses, a breakthrough in local e-sports.

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The former Palawan governor also sees the giving of licenses to gamers as a means of protecting their rights as athletes.

“There are so many areas of concern, including protection of the health and welfare of the gamers and enforcement of the responsibilities of organizers to the gamers, the public and the government. We also have to protect the integrity of the games and prevent game-fixing, fraud and possible breach of contracts that could leave our local players at a disadvantage,” Mitra listed down the main purposes of the licensing to e-sports athletes.

He then added, "We expect to come up with more specific, responsive, in-depth and relevant supervision and regulation for e-sports. We are trying to catch up on this and we will consult with stakeholders not only to bring us up to speed but also to enlist their cooperation."

Mitra also bared that it was actually the PCOO that raised the matter about e-sports athletes to GAB, setting up a meeting with him and representatives from TNC and Execration that led to the groundbreaking licensing.

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