Execration draws with VP as Filipino side finally scores win in TI7

By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--Execration finally got a win in the group stages of TI7, but Virtus Pro still forced a 1-1 draw on Thursday (Philippine Time).

Taking it slow, the Filipino side scored the breakthrough in Game 1, bucking off the offensive prowess of the European quintet's Sniper-Troll Warlord-Faceless Void-Sand King-Jakiro lineup as Ryan Qui's Bristleback and Nando Mendoza's Venomancer provided the late game barrage that forced the GG after a 56-minute marathon.

Execration looked to bank on its patented offense-oriented system in Game 2, but it somehow backfired as Pavel Khvastunov's Dark Seer went "Beyond Godlike" and Vladimir Minenko's Templar Assassin also sizzled late to give VP the win.

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