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TNC splits with EG to open TI7 stint

By Ivan Saldajeno

QUEZON CITY--TNC settled for a 1-1 draw with EG as they began their quest for US$10 million in TI7 at the Key Arena early Thursday (Philippine Time).

TNC failed to sustain a hot start in Game 1 but made up for it in the rematch with brilliant mid-game showing from Marc Fausto.

TNC made an early game barrage in the series opener with Tims Randrup playing a surprise Night Stalker at Position 4 and was up, 10-5, on kills.

But Artour Babaev sparked a mid-game rally as Lycan, and EG went on a 19-5 run that overturned the game and forced TNC to call GG at the 37th minute.

Looking to quickly g for the kill, EG went for an all-ranged hero lineup in Game 2 with Puck, Oracle, Weaver, Drow Ranger, and Mirana chosen. Sumail Hassan, who played Puck in Game 1, used Mirana, while skipper Andreas Nielsen, who played Oracle in the opener, took Puck.

But Randrup, who played Sand King this time, provided the early game dominance for TNC while likewise giving ample time for Fausto's Phantom Assassin to gear up for the crucial mid-game barrage that forced EG to concede.

TNC will play fellow Southeast Asian stronghold Fnatic later Thursday.

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