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Defiant Maro dismisses pressure to deliver Davao's first PFL win

Laguna will have to have their hands full on Davao once again after a crossbar saved them two points in their first meeting. (File)
By Kevin Estrada

PASIG -- Davao gaffer Marlon Maro dismissed the pressures on him to deliver their first win in the PFL, something that predecessor Gary Phillips failed to do this season.

With only a point in his first two matches taking charge of the Aguilas touchline, he is confident on the quality of his team when they hit the road in BiƱan to face Laguna on Saturday afternoon when they meet the press inside the House of Football.

Knowing that Ilocos United have beaten them for their first ever PFL win, Maro has blocked any negativity in order for his wards to deliver all three points.

"I don't think pressure is a thing that everybody is talking about [tomorrow's game]," the former Young Azkals tactician said, saying that he does not have any time to scout their opponents.

"I just put a lot of focus on the team. They [Davao] must come strong tomorrow," Maro added.

With the quality of his squad due to the spending spree during the window, he has one thing that he wants to find in order to barge into the winning column at last.

"Apart from always looking for quality players, the missing link for us is that of becoming of a team," Maro said afterwards, before revealing that Angel Guirado is fit tomorrow's match.

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