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BOY SABLAY: Frustrated UST fan edits coach's name on their team's Wikipedia page

A defiant Boy Sablan is not giving up the fight to get them the elusive win.
By Dugout Philippines


UST master tactician Boy Sablan had already been through the toughest of times this season, not just from inside EspaƱa, but also outside of it.

As if the fact that his Growling Tigers are just five losses away from its worst season in their history is not enough to generate hate in the Thomasian community for his incompetence, one fanatic vented his frustration on the world wide web.

That certain fan took it to Wikipedia, a free-to-edit online encyclopedia and replaced one letter on his last name on the team's page.

The Wiki page was unprotected, hence it was vulnerable to easy editing.
screenshot from wikipedia
As of today, the entry "Boy Sablay" is still there, despite efforts to restore his proper name in the recent days.

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