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Fireball Urbiztondo felt good to be back in the country as he suits up for Alab

Formerly a pain for Alab Pilipinas, Josh Urbiztondo is back helping the ABL sophomore attain its title aspirations.
By Kevin Estrada

TAGUIG -- Once a thorn for Alab Pilipinas while he was a Singapore Slinger in the most recent ABL postseason, Josh Urbiztondo is now ready for a the upcoming season with his new team.

"It feels good to be back here to play for my country," the former PBA journeyman said about suiting up for Alab Pilipinas in the upcoming ABL campaign which tips off on November 19.

Known for his long-range shooting while under immense pressure, the Fireball is excited to play for the team that is synonymous with flaming passion for basketball as he hopes that he will get his revenge against the defending champions Hong Kong Eastern in whom his former team lost in four games.

"Oh yes, definitely," Urbiztondo exclaimed, as he will be one of the elder statesmen in the squad.

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