GAB amends rules on boxers going overseas

Manny Pacquiao first got a world title outside the Philippines. Now, more local boxers can follow suit. Tertius Pickard/AP (file photo)
By Ivan Saldajeno

MAKATI—More deserving Filipino boxers can now have a chance to battle abroad.

GAB expanded the requirements for a topnotch pug to go overseas for a bout as revealed in a dialogue with boxers and trainers at the said body's office on Tuesday.

In the previous ruling, only the top 10 boxers in the Philippine national ratings will be allowed to fight an eight-round or longer match.

But as per requests from trainers, fighters nationally ranked 11th-15th in a certain division are now eligible to fight abroad as long as they won at least two of their last three fights.

However, GAB also gave an allowance for nationally ranked pugs who did not win two fights in a span of three.

GAB now allows boxers in the Top 15 of the Philippine ratings to battle abroad even if they only won two of their last five bouts as long as one of the wins happened within the last three games and that the win happened within one year.

Also, GAB allowed boxers who are neither ranked locally or internationally to fight six-round battles in more countries.

GAB announced that unranked pugs can now fight 18-minute bouts in the United States and some more nations which are in the GAB's allowed list.

Before, GAB only allows fighters to battle six-round matches in Japan.

Among those in attendance during the said dialogue was former world champ Sonny Boy Jaro, who is eyeing a comeback next year.

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