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Afreeca pulls out rust from KT, kickstarts 2018 LCK Spring run

Lee Da-Yoon asserted his dominance in the jungle through his 10.0 KDA ratio against  KT Rolster on Wednesday.
By Ozzy Alaba

MANILA--Afreeca Freecs kicked off its 2018 LCK Spring Split run with a bang, thrashing top-tier KT Rolster for their first regular season win at the OGN e-Stadium in Seoul on Wednesday (Philippine time).

The former LCK Regional Qualifier, being predicted by analysts and votes from the viewers to lose the said game, hangs up the upset axe to them by building up a huge 14k-gold advantage in the final ticks of the match to notch the W.

Lee Seo-haeng’s Azir, known by many to only have low success in competitive matches shocks the crowd, capping the Match MVP through his stellar 3-man Emperor’s Divide in a nerve-wracking clash in the mid lane In the 41st minute, which resulted in a 3/1/4 KDA at the end.

Lee also got enough support from his teammates as their AD Carry, Ha Jong-Hun, playing a hyper-carry itemized Kog’Maw and former Worlds semifinalist Lee Da-Yoon’s Zac showed big, spearheading the said onslaught to break down KT’s top lane inhibitor in the 42nd minute.

As usual, the two squads started the game slowly.

Both teams established a tight contest for the gold advantage in the last 18 minutes, not until a clash in the top lane broke, with Afreeca winning through a kill and the tier-1 tower destroyed at the same minute bracket.

Afreeca then continued to extend their margin in the 22nd minute as they were able to pick Lee Yoon-Jae’s Kha’Zix and Song Kyung-Ho’s Gangplank in the Dragon pit and the uncontested Baron.

Despite the late-game power of KT’s star AD Carry Kim Hyuk-kyu, playing Tristana, Afreeca were still able to neutralize him, resulting to the destruction of their towers, and finally, their base to claim the victory.

Meanwhile, former Worlds champion Heo Won-Seok, playing his signature Veigar, had a decent performance for KT, scoring only team-high two kills that merely went for naught.

KT will face MVP on Saturday, while Afreeca will take on the reigning LCK champions Kingzone DragonX on Tuesday.

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