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GAB explains drug testing rule for e-sports players

Galaxy Battles is not anymore a DOTA Major, thanks to a drug testing requirement by GAB.

By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--Valve took out the Major status of Galaxy Battles 2 on Friday owing to GAB's ruling that requires the e-sports athletes to undergo drug testing.

In a statement hours after Valve's announcement, GAB explained the rationale behind the drug testing rule.

"Under Philippine Law (Presidential Decree No. 871 issued in 1976), any professional athlete who wishes to participate in professional games or tournaments in the Philippines is required to obtain a professional license from the Games and Amusements Board (GAB). Among the requirements for this professional license is drug testing clearance in accordance with rules and regulations issued from time to time," the statement reads. "This drug testing requirement is in place for safety and health reasons as well as for the protection of the integrity of the games. This gains added significance with the efforts of the Philippine Government to combat the proliferation and use of illegal drugs in the country."

GAB also insisted, "Filipino professional e-sports athletes who hold GAB licenses have all undergone drug testing. The organizers of international e-sports events to be held in the Philippines have also been informed of this requirement."

The government-ran organization also warned the general public of misinterpreting the rules it set.

"Without the proper and accurate information, international organizers and stakeholders may question this aspect of our regulation, and thus may hesitate in planning for Philippine events. For our part, our local athletes have embraced this rule as part of their commitment as professional athletes. So as to the local scene, we are confident that the number and scale of events will continue to grow, GAB's statement continued. "We can only hope that all stakeholders will appreciate drug testing as an undeniable part of professional sports in the Philippines and the world. Even some amateur regional and international amateur events, such as the Olympic Games which e-sports seeks to take part of in the future, also involve some form of drug testing."

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