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IPT sweeps AEX for first win in 2018 PGS Spring

The 2018 PGS Spring Split roster of the former PGS champions Imperium Pro Team. Pro Gaming Series

By Ozzy Alaba

MANILA -- Imperium Pro Team displayed its championship-caliber performance as they swept 2016 PGS champions Acclaim EmpireX, 2-0 to grab their first regular season best-of-three set win in the 2018 Bacchus PGS Spring Split on Saturday.

IPT, the two-time kings of Philippine League of Legends, fully flashed their vintage dominant form in Game 2 as they annihilated AEX's frontlines with the help of Roybie Segovia's Xerath pokes and Adrian Cabero's fed Varus, resulting to a clean series win.

Segovia and Cabero also got some aid with his teammates as their jungler Cedrik Santos and top laner Alec Valdez stepped up big, garnering most of the assists of the team in the curtain-raiser.

Calm inside the eye of the storm was exemplified by the two squads early in the first game.

Both teams were quietly farming up for the first seven minutes, not until Valdez, playing as Trundle got a First Blood kill to AEX top laner Khenn Pragale, playing as Camille, which was supported by a kill by Segovia, playing as Ryze against John Somollo's Shyvana, who killed Valdez earlier.

IPT then continued to expand their 14-minute 4000-gold advantage in the 23rd minute as they secured the Baron Nashor and won in a base clash, 4 for 3, signaling a GG in 27 minutes.

The four-time GPL Split qualifier brought their captured momentum in the final game as they fully neutralized AEX mid laner Mark Vagilidad's Azir in the laning phase, causing IPT to turn the tables in their favor until their opponents called the series quits in a fast-paced 20-minute skirmish.

Meanwhile, Vagilidad showed a decent performance for AEX, bagging most of the kills for his team in the two games.

IPT continues its quest for a 4-0 win on Friday against the defending champions Team Manila Eagles, while AEX tries to bounce back from their loss against the returning and revamped Naga eSports on Saturday.

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